Me and Cronkite and Trust

Me and Cronkite and Trust
I had the good fortune of meeting Walter Cronkite (pictured here my husband, John and me). His death has caused reflection from media types about the change in the American public's trust. Uncle Walter was called 'the most trusted man in America.' Why? Because we expected to turn on his broadcast night after night and hear truth. Truth begats trust. We believed in a professional journalism at that time that had the best interests of the country at heart. And would not tell us lies.

In contrast, what detroys trust? In my essay on The Value of Trust (posted under Articles), several occasions from my childhood reveal forces destructive of trust---especially in the lives of children---molestation, adult lies, lack of protection by adults you thought you were supposed to trust.

Many pundits indicate that America lost its innocence with the assassination of JFK. Uncle Walter had to tell us that November afternoon.

What are the turning points in your life about trust? Truth? Lies? Loss of innocence?  

updated: 7 years ago