Values and the Newspaper

As I continue to research, write and think about this upcoming book, I am keenly aware of how Values play out in our world. This morning's paper had three lead stories. One on the demonstrations in Iran, one on a group of people volunteering for a good cause and the third one on the decline in the Southern Baptist denomination.

I ponder immediately the clash of values in Tehran. There are people on both sides of this election who feel passionately that their values must be represented in their government. The violence is appalling but the passion for values is good and necessary. We can only hope that this country finds ways to reconcile conflicting values without violence.

The second article on volunteering strongly speaks of values that drive people to help others. In this case, even without benefit of pay...just because it's the right thing to do.

Third, the Southern Baptist Convention is declining in membership because people want their faith to align closely with their values. The SBC emphasis on saving souls and personal piety is beginning to clash with a generation that wants faith to be inclusive. Generation X and Y don't see what the big fuss is over gays and lesbians. They also have a more global mindset than previous generations and includes a more generous attitude toward all faiths. Declaring Christianity as the only path like Southern Baptists proclaim is at odds with the value of global community.

All in a days' reading of the paper.

updated: 7 years ago