Pondering Resurrection

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pondering Resurrection
In pondering all ramifications of Holy Week, I think it is imperative that people of faith who don't believe in bodily resurrection be the ones who speak out about what resurrection means to their faith. For me, resurrection speaks to the cycle of all life. ALL life.

It's been a hard, cold winter and I see resurrection every spring in daffodils and forsythia. The hard winter makes them speak even more loudly of resurrection this year.

As all who know me understand, I grieve every day over the loss of my son, Mark. I rejoice in the new life of three children (Mark Wallace, Marqi Moore and Tristan Robert Bartella) who are named after Mark and bring resurrection to me and others who grieve this loss. Tristan Robert, my grandson (named after Mark Robert) reminds me every time I see him about the miracle of resurrection in his exuberance for all life and all learning. Here he exams a worm with the intensity and wonder of any scientist.

And, finally, I claim the process of resurrection in my own spiritual journey. I am NOT the same person physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually that I was last year at this time. I claim the promise of new life for my own journey---that means I have the choice of new growth until I breathe my last breath.

New Life. New Growth. Happy Easter.

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