Haiti scenes remind us of Grief as a Journey

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Haiti scenes remind us of Grief as a Journey
I don't agree that there is a "balm that will soothe all the pains of our troubled hearts." I do believe that not only do we find the sacred in the grief journey but on the way find those who also are walking the journey and their companionship makes the burden bearable. Sorrow will come to all of us; how we bear each others burdens tells the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Since the death of my son, Mark, I experience spiritual moments in the company of friends who have also buried their son. Their courage, faith and care for me personify God's grace and love for all who suffer. I experience spiritual moments when I am able to minister to others who are in the midst of their own grief. It is in this relationship of God's people to each other that we experience most profoundly a glimpse of the kind of love that God has for each of us. I think we express the clearest and most sophisticated theology possible to three year olds when we teach them to say, "God is love." I love telling friends who are struggling with complex theological structures to go back to their three year old Sunday School class and rest securely on the foundation that God is love.

As we watch these painful images and share the grief journey with the Haiti people, let us claim for them and for ourselves the love and grace of God.

I love the image accompanying this post because it symbolizes for me that no matter how rocky the soil, new life will find a way and a place to peek through! May it be so in Haiti.

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