The Last Time Management Course You Will Ever Need


The Last Time Management Course You Will Ever Need helps you explore what you value as a path to prioritizing how you spend your time.  It gives you tools that allow you to dig deeply enough to solve the issues that cause self-destructive behaviors which can sabotage your career and your relationships. Traditional time management techniques do not get to the root of why you have difficulty prioritizing and sticking with a plan. This course encourages you to know yourself well enough to manage your self.

bpeterson 204

This course is an easy-to-use online course that consists of four video lessons and several self-evaluation tools.  Each video lesson features Brenda's personal stories and explanations of why and how her process of values clarification and priority setting works, and instructions on how to use the self-evaluation tools.  

The cost of the course is only $19.95 if you are among the first fifty people to sign up.  After that, the course will cost $24.95. Click on the link below, sign up, use your credit card to pay, and you are immediately given access to the course.

Here's a complete list and description of the course elements.  It will work with any browser and requires a standard high speed internet connection. You will have the opportunity to view each video lesson up to 3 times and to download each handout once.  Once you take the survey, the course will be completed and you will no longer have access to it.  The downloaded handouts are yours to keep as a record of the course's principles and your journey through it. You can also print out a course completion certificate for your records if you like.

Getting Started - Instructions on how to navigate the online course.
Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to FAQs about how to use the online course interface.
Video Lesson 1: Introduction - Brenda introduces herself and describes the goals and structure of the course. (9 min.)
Video Lesson 2: Values Clarification - Brenda explains how knowing your values is the key to managing your time. (9.5 min.)
Video Lesson 3: Priority Setting - Brenda explains the importance of setting priorities based on your values. (11 min.)
Video Lesson 4: Living a Balanced Life - Brenda sets out a path for you to follow to achieve a balanced value-based life. (9 min.)
Handout 1: Values Clarification Instrument
Handout 2: Priority Setting Instrument
Handout 3: Value-Based Life & Personal Mission Statement Exercises
Survey - A chance for you to share your opinion about the course.
Certificate - Course completion certificate.

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